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I Need a Little Push... 

 Howdy Gang,

I hope this little note finds you well! I just wanted to put the word out about a Pledge Music campaign I have going on (Pledge Music is like Kickstarter, but for music only):

After eight long years, I finally have another record ready! Woot. I'm pretty excited about. It's rootsy and intimate, it's pop rocking windows down and radio up rockers, it's dreamy and wistful. It's GOOD. I think so, anyway. Alas, I don't have all the funds I need to get this sucker out there all by myself.

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High five, Holden Caulfield... 

I saw someone post this in relation to music on a messageboard recently. It pretty much describes how I felt (and feel) about my favorite records - especially in my more formative musical years, sitting in my room, headphones on, vinyl record spinning, an album cover in my lap:

"What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it."
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I Am Alive! 

 Well, if you're reading this, you're either just popping by for the first time, or one heck of a persistent and optimistic fan!  It has indeed been some time since I posted anything.

The new record is almost mixed. It will come out when it comes out. I seem to stink at deadlines. Ha.

A new website is in the works.

I'm still doing plenty of recording and producing! (Feel free to drop a line if you're a musician who is interested in making a record with me. I'll travel, too!)

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A Podcast Performance... 

Today I joined Kim Sedlock for her fine "A Red Head Spins The Blues" show on our local low power FM station, WSCA 106.1. T'was fun times! I yapped about all things music, zuzu, kids, influences, and played a bunch of old and new songs. If you'd care to hear it, You can find it archived here:



JNO & The Working Girls: Furys June residency part 1 

It was time to get the band some dates to play!  You can only woodshed so much before you get diminishing returns. Having some dates "in the books" feels good.  The band is really starting to gel, and last nights Fury's June residency gig was only the first of four this month. Woot.  For real though, there's a nice chemistry in the band.  Getting Dave Nebbia behind the kit is just the thing we needed. It's feeling good!  It's funny to hear people's reactions to seeing Dave, Geoff and Andrew in the band…Read more

diamonds in the rough... 

am I buggin you? I don't mean to bug ya.

Tuesday, 03 January 2006

New Year's resolutions. Bah. Who keeps those things? Well, this year I've got a good one for you, one that should be easier to keep than the rest.

You should see more live local music in 2006.

Yes, yes, I'm more than a little biased. I play music and write about music for a living. God forbid you're one of those poor souls who has randomly asked me a question about music only to be treated to a well-intentioned filibuster about some aspect…Read more

New Jon Nolan Album Track List? (so far!) 

For the five of you who are actually still wondeing when my next record will actually come out, if ever:

I have some news which, skepticism aside(!), might bring a smidge of excitement!  Recently, my pal Andrew Hodgkins of the late, great As Fast As was visiting from his new home in NYC.  He and I spent the better part of three or four days laying down basic tracks for the new album. Yay!  My pal and bassist Geoff Taylor and I have been going through the tunes since, and the foundation for the songs is…Read more

A Favorite Album?! Sheeeeesh.... 

band o' young dudes in the studio. last night the drummer asks, "so, what's yer favorite band? like, do you have a favorite?"

man! i *used* to be able to answer that question! it was a dose of reality that my relationship with music has changed dramatically over the years. i mean, in high school, who you liked DEFINED who you were (or were trying to be), didn't it? The lines were clear. In my twenties, I had more of an idea of who I was, and my true tastes, but I still harbored fear over over other…Read more

Musicians! *Please* watch this AMAZING woman!  

Evelyn Glennie has been DEAF(!) since age 12, but what she has to say about LISTENING is soooo important. I found this to be incredibly inspirational AND educational - particularly from about 24:30 on. Just amazing.

Live Music is Dead!? 

I don't really believe it is! But my friend, and musician, eric ott posted a Facebook comment wondering if it was, and it got me thinking. here is my long winded response:

my take: yes and no. this is gonna be long, and i'm gonna generalize a bit, btw. i think we musicians (or at least *I*) have been spoiled by playing music in the pre-digital era - an era when there were fewer means of meeting society's needs (say, social needs. needs for connectedness). you didn't google all the band calendars/websites…Read more