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do something! (even if it's wrong) 

following the theme of the other blog entry ("dance...")

here is my new website.  it aint perfect, but it's easy to use.  means more "doing" and less "thinking."


I wanna play some gigs.  first things first i guess!

dancing like no one is watching.... 

i read an interview with tom waits a couple of years back.  fascinating feller, that tom.  he's fearless!  neil young is too, or so it seems.  i don't dig all the stuff both those guys put out, but i like a lot of it, and LOVE a bunch of it - and the songs that i do love, i REALLY love.  i cant help but think that part of what it is about those two artists that i like - and the essence that informs their songs, is their capacity to play "without a net."  in that interview, waits mentioned catching his…Read more