JNO & The Working Girls: Furys June residency part 1

It was time to get the band some dates to play!  You can only woodshed so much before you get diminishing returns. Having some dates "in the books" feels good.  The band is really starting to gel, and last nights Fury's June residency gig was only the first of four this month. Woot.  For real though, there's a nice chemistry in the band.  Getting Dave Nebbia behind the kit is just the thing we needed. It's feeling good!  It's funny to hear people's reactions to seeing Dave, Geoff and Andrew in the band playing the kind of tunes I write. The guys play in other bands that are very different stylistically. "I never thought I'd hear you playing drums/bass/keys to stuff like this!" they say. Makes sense to us. Thats the thing about having musical cats on board. Real music fans.  It helps.  The clique-y genre-specific musicians don't get it. Good music is good music. And coming from the different areas of expertise that they do, they're bringing a cool new angle to the material. I'm psyched. By the last wednesday in June we're gonna be killing. Can't wait for yall to hear us! Come hang with us, hmm? Every wednesday for the rest of june at furys in dover, NH. There's no cover, and the bruins win when we play. so, there's that. rock feels good. more coming...

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