I Need a Little Push...

 Howdy Gang,

I hope this little note finds you well! I just wanted to put the word out about a Pledge Music campaign I have going on (Pledge Music is like Kickstarter, but for music only):

After eight long years, I finally have another record ready! Woot. I'm pretty excited about. It's rootsy and intimate, it's pop rocking windows down and radio up rockers, it's dreamy and wistful. It's GOOD. I think so, anyway. Alas, I don't have all the funds I need to get this sucker out there all by myself.

So, I thought I'd reach out to my friends and fans and see who would be willing to help me. Will you?

Think of it as kind of a CSA for music. I need seed money. And just like a CSA, there is a harvest! I have a whole bunch of pledge rewards listed on my Pledge Music campaign page along with my new record, of course. Take a peek. Maybe you just want to pre-buy the CD, or maybe you'd like a house concert, or for me to cover some goofy song and video tape it - they're all there. There is something for everyone.

I tried to think of some fun things that people would value and would be meaningful. Tell your music-loving pals about my campaign too, will you? Pop by and pledge!

Thanks so much, pal!


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