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Getting Rid of Stuff is Hard 

Why is it so hard to toss out old ideas? Or say, ten of the thirty tee-shirts I have, even though I wear the my favorite five or six. Or ten of the twenty butter knives we have in the silverware drawer? Do I really need to use that many before I wash some? Moving on and getting rid of the stuff that holds you back, whether it it's physical clutter or an emotional attachment is tough stuff.

I have been subscribing to Bob Lefsetz's newsletter for a few months now. Skip past the political part and get to the…Read more

Does format matter to you anymore? CD? Vinyl? MP3? 

God willing, I *will* actually get this next batch of tunes out.  The delivery medium keeps coming up in conversation.  "So, are you gonna put it out on CD Nolan?  Just online?  Or...?"

I have my own preferences I guess.  I have no idea what the future holds for the music industry at large, but even if there are only ten of you out there that wanna buy my next "thing,"  I'd love to hear what form you want it in.  Do you just want a CD to put on the shelf so you can load it on your iPod?  A "download…Read more

Random thought 

a brilliant performance, good sonics, an amazing song...

only one of those pieces, on it's own, will be worth anything a year or two from now.

ok, I'm back.  This needs to be said differently.  Dunno if I expressed the idea clearly.

Lemme try this....
A good song will always be awesome.  Sometimes the depths of it's greatness is revealed fully over time. 

A great perfomance always seems to endear me to an artist or a song. 

Good sounding stuff matters least to me.

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There is no "Apple + S" or "Cut & Paste" on Cassette tape! 

so, ive been recording.  my rpm record of course.  i hadn't realized how ingrained and automatic my "Apple + S" reflex is (aka: "save" for all you non-recording folk) .  funny!  I've been sort of absentmindedly reaching out to/at the tascam to "save"  the thing i just laid down to tape.

not being able to zap the "tops & tails" of songs into fade ins/outs is weird too.  thats the kind of stuff that is super easy in the digital world. 

two completely different work flows!

it HAS been pretty sweet bumping…Read more

Head, off. Ears, on. Song number one is underway.... 

the clock hit midnight last night, and i had my little rig tucked away amidst kids coats, old scarves, rattling plastic hangers and other random bullshite we tucked away and never found a home for.  i tried my best to keep all the wires in a neat and manageable.  speaking of things that didn't get put back to their "home,"  there happened to be some xmas lights on the shelf in there, so i put 'em to good use. 

we've got an old new england house.  in other words, it's drafty as hell.  this is the FRONT…Read more

RPM 2010! (Record production Month) 

For those of you who aren't in the know,  THIS is what the RPM Challenge is....

I'll be blogging about my RPM record this year.  Follow along!

My RPM gear scorecard so far:

Effectron II
2 - Yamaha PM1k's
Tascam 238
2 - EV635a's
1 - EV re20
An old cassette i dug outta the crap on my dresser

Casio "Casiotone 401" (beats!)
Baritone ukelele
Out of tune piano
Fender Bronco Bass
Harmony banjo
Various kids instruments
Shakers and shite

all of this tucked into my front closet, so that…Read more

I'm finally getting to the place.... 

....where I can tell which of my own songs I think are "good."  That is, the tunes that are in various stages of completion recording-wise that I've been tinkering with these last few years.   Psyched.  I recently listened to my 2009 RPM Challenge record.  I dig it!  Crazy.  I think two or three of those songs are gonna end up on my next release! This of course means that I'm two or three songs closer to releasing something.

Operation "Move Yer Feet and Stop Thinking So Much"  is in full effect.  Sweet. …Read more

Making Other People's Records... 

....is a helluva lot easier emotionally than making yer own.  I've been thinking about how lucky I was that I only had a couple mics, and a hard disk recorder when I did my solo record.  For *me*, having a full blown DAW is like giving myself a whole shit ton of rope to hang myself!  So many options!  I feel like I'm finally starting to have a bit of perspective.  But it sure is easier to see how to help someone else, than myself sometimes.

ps - elsa cross' new record is gonna be sweet.  fans will be…Read more